Want it dead? LOP off it's head!

From the Field


After last season I thought I would give up turkey hunting all together after two birds shot and lost. It didn't seem ethical to me to hunt turkey with archery equipment. The Gobbler Guillotine seemed like a good idea so I thought I would give it one last try. This tom gave me a shot at 29 yards the Gobbler Guillotine hit him square in the head and the bird never took a step. Thanks Matt you changed my perspective on turkey hunting GREAT PRODUCT. The tom that I killed turned out to be the new California state record. I can’t wait for deer season to try the ATOM.

Josh Rasmussen
Northern California


First, thank you for creating such an awesome broadhead for harvesting turkeys.

This 20+ pound Osceola was taken this spring in Indiantown, FL on a Sunday morning on my second blind set. Unfortunately, I was requested by the landowner to come out last minute to show his nephew how well the Guillotine works and we were unable to film the hunt.

The landowner dropped me off around 10:30AM at a crossroad along the fenceline on his property. I placed Pretty Boy at the intersection of the two grassy roads and proceeded to set up my Double Bull. As I bent over to set up the blind, I seen this 4 year old Gobbler step out about 500 yards up the road. Fortunately, I was placing the blind under tree cover and frantically continued preparing for the shot. Once ready, I peaked out the window with the bird at 100 yards. After a single purr on my Martz scratch box, the bird ran past the window at an arm's length to take on Pretty Boy. Before he could peck Pretty Boy in the eye, I released the Guillotine and removed his head cleanly.

Here's where it got crazy. The bird spun around and walked 20 feet toward the blind with blood spraying skyward with each beat of his heart before falling over.(see blood trail in field photo) A video of this would have been legendary.

Thanks again and a special thanks to my friends at the Lackluster Lodge.

Jim Laing
Lake Park, FL

Hey Matt,
Tim again. This morning at about 6 o'clock I shot my first turkey with a bow (mathews adrenaline) with your guillotine. it worked very well. I have some video of him with the shot but you don't see it hit him on camera but it is still pretty cool. he made a weird noise when the guillotine hit him. I have attached 15 pictures and will soon be mailing out the video of this morning once my buddy and me get it edited then we will send you that copy and the hole hunt so you can edit it different than what we have it. thank you a billion for being the smartest man in the world to have the idea of designing the guillotine.

and P.S. I am 16 yrs old
Tim Melver


 Hunting with Rick Paillet of the Verminators in Eastern Kansas, I was able to take my first Eastern turkey with the guillotine.  This broadhead is simply amazing!  After impact the bird dropped in his tracks with no damage to the tasty breast meat.  I have tried many different "turkey specific" broadheads, and the guillotine is simply the most effective, and most exciting broadhead on the market.  Thank you for the great product, and the great adrenaline rush!

Ryan Manning - Archery Manager
Endzone Sports & Office Supplies, Inc.
102 South Second Street
Norton, KS  67654

Hi Matt,

Well, another year of success with the gobbler Guillotine. I have stepped up to a faster bow. I shoot an Elite Synergy with 31" CX hunter maxima's. No changes need to be made to my sights from my field points. I just took a turkey at 28 yds with the GG. with the fast bows leave your sight where it is and put the pin on the eye ball and it will take the head off just below his beak. The combination is the best I have used yet. I I have been successful 3 years in a row now. I am looking forward to hunting Geese with them this fall.


Curt Schell

 The Gobbler Guillotine helped me bag my first bird with a bow, March 24, 2007, opening day of Georgia's turkey season. Some friends acted skeptical when I showed them the GG and told them my plans for turkey season. They are believers now after viewing what the GG did to the birds head. It has amazed me how many folks thought it was some kind of gimmic. Wow, what a great product, I believe its more humane than any other method, gun or bow. The bird dropped instantly. Thanks for a memorable hunt. Here are some pictures of blood, gore, and all!

Yates Adams
Panama City, FL. 32401

Thought you might like some pictures of a Kentucky long beard that was taken with the Guillotine. Shot this bird this morning with a 70lb. Parker Phoenix at a distance of 10 yards from a Double Bull blind. Thanks for the Guillotine...

Tony Dempsey, CLCP

Manager of Safety

Owen Electric Cooperative
Owenton, KY 40359

Asking me to overlook a simple safety violation, would be asking me to compromise my entire attitude toward the value of your life..........

To the Top

I finally had a chance to go try your broadhead on my place here in Nebraska.

Gobbler Guillotine at 10 yards.  I had 4 Toms strutting so I look the first one to turn towards me.  My friend took the next bird with a expandable but we were unable to find it.  My bird didn't go too far.

I have taken 4 friends out and hit 4 birds and we have two lost birds out of 4.  I made a new rule on which broadhead you can use on my land. Yours.......

Keep up the good work.

Matt Highby
Optics Product Manager

This is a Eastern gobbler I took with the new Gobbler Guillotine.  The turkey was taken at 19 yards and died on impact with his head completely detached by the Gobbler Guillotine.  This was my first hunt ever with a bow and I was very impressed with the Gobbler Guillotine.  Thank you for making this hunt successful!

Chris Orso
Thomasville Ga, 31792

OK Matt,
Here are some pictures of my second Nebraska bird this year. I REALLY wanted to get it on film, however, I seemed to have left my camera at home. I had been leaving it out there and for some reason brought it home last week. Anyway, I had to run into town and pick up a disposable camera for these shots.

I tried to get some up close and ugly shots showing what the Guillotine does best, as well as some normal shots.

It was a perfect morning. My hunting partner was set up about 60 yards from me and actually shot 3 times at this bird with his recurve, but couldn't manage to nail the deal. I was just happy to see the bird coming over to see me next, although he was very alert at this point. Didn't manage to completely lop his head off, but it was literally hanging by a thread. 

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! 


The landowner came down shortly after to feed cows and, needless to say, was quite impressed with what he saw. Now he knows why those "helicopter heads" as he referred to them are called Guillotine's. 

Hope you had good luck this last week. I'll give you a ring and check up on you.

Talk to you soon,
Eric Berg

All of these were taken with Gobbler Guillotines. I would have to say that they do the job.

The first bird Nick got at about 18 yards on opening weekend (was still snowing in Pioneer). The second bird Chris got at about 10 yards. He was supposed to be calling the bird to me but it went around me and directly in front of Chris during the last weekend of regular season (He also got one the day before with a shotgun). Well, I finally got my turkey earlier today (last weekend of bow season) at about 15 yards. Of course mine was the biggest with over a 10" beard.

 Oh yeah, the furthest the birds went after being shot was Chris' which went about 10 yards. The other two pretty much went less than 10 feet. Not too bad eh?

 3 for 3 for the de Nijs family all with a bow!  One more day left!

Richard de Nijs

The Wild Wild West of Turkey Hunts

Northern New Mexico - April’s warm weather spurs on great turkey hunting action. For me, this year's hunt would be a first for me in several ways.

  • It was my first turkey hunt EVER. I just never had much inclination to chase those huge, fast, and cunning birds I’d see during my mule deer and elk scouting trips and hunts.

  • Second, I’d thought I’d try out the new Double Bull Matrix blind for the first time. A long awaited field test.

  • Third, I took the opportunity to try out a new broadhead called the “Gobbler Guillotine” invented by Matt Futtere of Arrowdynamic Solutions.

Well to say the least it’s been one incredible memory all around. ....

Read the rest of the story at: http://www.huntingnewmexico.tv (click link to left)

Hey took this tom at 8 yards standing broadside in full strut on the 4th day of the Iowa season. These gobbler guillotine's are awesome. Took his head off cleaner than any butchers meat cleaver. Wasn't able to get any video footage of the kill as was hunting by myself this day, but plan on getting some soon.

Kevin Kudart

Here are the result's of a good day on my Outfitting business in Iowa. THANKS Paul

Hi Guys 
I had turkey success with the gobbler guillotine that I purchased in February. This is my first year hunting archery. When sighting in the guillotine I released that the placement of my pins was fine just instead of a 20yd, 30 yd, and 40yd pin I left them where they were for broadheads and was dead on at 15yd, 20yd and 25 yd, The turkey is only a 15 lb. Jake but I am pretty proud that the first shot on opening day, the first time very archery hunting. And I was lucky enough to be successful with a 25yd shot. The gobbler guillotine worked perfect at that long of a range using my normal 40yd pin. I did hit the the neck with the arrow, I just laid the arrow across the bird for the picture.

 Thank you
Curt Schell
Dixie Washington

Hey Matthew!
Season is underway and I started out in Texas with another Guillotine moment!  See attached picture.  What was so awesome about this hunt was how the Guillotine out did a 3" Magnum Turkey load from a 12" gauge shotgun.  My buddy and I called in these two birds for a double, one shot with the Guillotine, the other shot with a shotgun (cheater!).  My bird...instant death!  My buddy's bird...flopped around like he was about to fly off.  If anyone ever suggested that a bow and arrow is not a lethal weapon on a turkey, they would think again if they saw your Guillotine in action!  I just wish we could have gotten this on video.  My battery ran out just hours earlier.  I'll have the battery charged for Oklahoma and will hopefully get some action on film.

 Hope your season is going well also.....more Guillotine moments to come

Pat's Archery
Okmulgee, OK

Amazing Turkey Broadhead…
The Gobbler Guillotine
By Joe Nawrot
Team Renegade Archery Pro-Staff

It was that time of year again, for many months I waited for the opening of the spring turkey season. It was the very last week May 19, 2004 and I had another tag to fill for myself in Wisconsin. Reaching for my Renegade TR-4 bow I knocked an arrow by Arrow-Dynamic-Solutions, which attached at the end was my 4”x4” Gobbler Guillotine head.

Making sure everything was perfect....

Read the rest of the story at: www.StrictlyBowhunting.com