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Ciaran McCann
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 6:28 AM
Subject: disgrace

 The decapitation of Turkeys as part of some concept of hunting is disgraceful. "Lethal outdoor engineering" is a petty concept that does more damage to the "sport" of hunting than good. Irrespective of that, the day your company gets sued my a parent who's child had been injured by this device will perhaps draw light to this nonsense.
Hunting? I don't think so.

Ciaran McCann,

I thank you for the input of your thoughts but am not able to grasp how you arrived at your conclusions?  Am I wrong in assuming from the reading of your words that you are in fact a hunter?  But don’t agree with killing turkeys by decapitating them with a broadhead tipped arrow?  How does killing a turkey in less than 1.5 Milliseconds with no suffering or damage to the edible portions of the bird do “Damage to the sport of hunting”..?   I look forward to your reasoned thought explaining your conclusions. 

“Sued by a parent of a child who is hurt by this device”?  Wow….that is some kind of leap…my first thought is this…a child who is hurt by my design should result in the parent of that child bearing the responsibility for not controlling a lethal object whether it’s a knife, razor blade, broadhead, gun or sharp stick….the parent is responsible for teaching his children that there are simple things in life that when not handled appropriately result in themselves or others being hurt or worse killed due to THEIR OWN ACTIONS It’s not the bullet that killed the person..its the person that pulled the trigger putting the bullet in the body! 

“Hunting? I don’t think so”….????   You ever bow hunted for turkeys?  It is the ESSENCE of bow hunting and a great accomplishment when resulting in a bird for the table..

Give it a try…you may change your mind. 

If you prefer to continue good honest debate on bow hunting for turkeys with our Guillotine…I will gladly listen with an open mind and try to understand why you felt compelled to write these comments and make attempts to allow you my thoughts on the subject as well so you understand my position. 

In the end…you want to experience bow hunting for turkeys….we can pursue providing that opportunity for real life lessons as well…

Matthew Futtere
Owner / Inventor
Arrowdynamic Solutions


Dear Matthew,
Many thanks for your response on this matter. Let me first clarify that I am not a member of any hunting organization, nor do I engage in hunting activities for sport. Neither am I an animal rights activist. Thus, should you now disregard my opinions on this issue, so be it.
Perhaps, the redeeming quality of your arrow head design is its instantaneous and swift effect to the target. For this, I truly commend your scientific and quantities approach. For after all, efficiency is paramount in hunting. Though.. my lack of understanding of hunting leads me to ask the question, did you develop this device out of empathy for your kill, or does it sanitize the action of bow hunting? I would like to understand what exactly one achieves from hunting, considering the day and age in which we live, the fact this message has probably traveled around the world at the speed of light through fiber optic cable, yet people still choose to manually engage in hunting perhaps one of the more docile birds known, that being Meleagris gallopavo, the North American Wild Turkey. Bearing in mind that in the 1900's this particular wild bird saw its recorded population drop to 30000, namely through hunting. A member of the animal kingdom hardly noted for its cunning nor predatory skills. Do you find it challenging to stalk and kill these creatures using telescopic assisted bows with aerodynamically crafted arrows? The analogy of shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind.
Now, the issue of potential human injury derived from your invention. The reason I know of your arrowhead, is due to finding a video of it on a daily media site. Not only one I might ad. User comments included, "I wonder will this work on people" etc. Irrespective of your intentions for use of this product, you market your company as Lethal engineering. The device in question, can only be fired from a bow, or perhaps modified to be used with a cross bow. Thus, there is only one use for your Guillotine. And that being in an offensive manner with intention. To par this with your comments below, your device is solely designed to kill or mame an animal. There is not far to go to consider the damage this could cause to a human.
You comment on the issue of firearms, stating that it is not the gun that killed the person, its the person who pulled the trigger. I presume from this you are very much in agreement with the gun lobby, and pro firearms organizations.
Quite ironic we are debating this considering the next point.
Virginia Tech, uses the Hokie Bird as its athletic mascot. It is a turkey like figure derived from V.T's original athletic name of the fighting gobblers. Indeed, your previous thoughts on the issue of firearms may somewhat run low on steam, considering the fact the person who committed this act of murder was able to simply walk into a store and purchase a 9mm and a .22, as easy as a pack of cigarettes. Perhaps what concerns me more, is the fact that he was subject to a check from State authorities and still authorized to purchase the weapons. 571$ of lethal engineering with a sole purpose.
I applaud inventors, for they are the essence of humanity. Archimedes in Greece, Cai Lun in China, inventor of paper in 50AD, Bartolomeo Critsofori, Italy 1680, inventor of the piano, Han Christian Orsted, in Denmark 1800, inventor of electromagnetism, and lets not forget, Robert J Oppenheimer a founding father of the nuclear age, who on successful test of his invention was to quote 'Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.'
My point is take a sensible approach on matters involving "lethal engineering". Would you use a Mark 48 ADCAP on a rowing boat. "If you want it dead lop off its head" is exactly the type of terminology that will attract the immature and I am sure you can disseminate why I object to your device.
Ciaran McCann