The most lethal and effective broad head in the world for any size of game.

Mr. Ronnie Williamson became a believer in the Atom with this nice Texas whitetail.

Arrowdynamic Solutions makes history again!

  The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) in Illinois was questioned about the legality and the lethality of the Atom. Designer, Matt Futtere traveled to Illinois recently to answer all their questions,  easily demonstrate and explain all technical aspects of the Atom followed by a video presentation of North American and African animals being harvested with the Atom.  
 The board then tested the Atom on some deer shoulder. The test results and information provided to the board influenced them to not only make the Atom immediately legal in Illinois, but also identify their needs to rewrite their game laws to reflect and incorporate our new flexible razor wire technology.
  We are the only broadhead company to have ever accomplished such a feat not once but twice. First with the Guillotine and now with the Atom.
 Arrowdynamic Solutions is clearly the global leader in broadhead design!

Crystal Albrecht

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Click to enlarge image of this bear that was harvested with the Atom!


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If the Atom can take this massive moose on...what can it not drop?

Hunter Hartcraft (L) and Lynn Futtere (R), pose with Lynn's 10 pt buck she harvested with the Atom using her crossbow. Enlarge Image