Home of the most lethal engineering available in today's outdoor market.

   We are a family owned small business located in Central Texas and enjoy The Lone Star States fine year round hunting and fishing.  Typical of how many companies start…we also started in our garage tinkering in effort to develop broad heads that are more durable, higher quality and provide consistently better results in the field.  Having created two entirely new categories of broadheads, it is obvious we travel a significantly different engineering path than any other broadhead company. Historically repetitive problems with fixed bladed and mechanical broad heads coupled with today’s significantly more efficient bows require revolutionary thoughts and designs to resolve.

  A background with some Electronics and Navy Nuclear Power training coupled with some high tech Semiconductor manufacturing experience assisted me to take a very scientific approach to solving these problems plus add additional benefits never seen before on a broadhead. 

 With The Guillotine and The Atom having been taken all over the world successfully performing their intended jobs, we firmly believe that our broadheads, radical as they are, will stand the test of time and provide bow hunters worldwide confidence they have chosen the very best tool to place on the end of their arrows. The most recent and best example of the positive impact our engineering is having to the bow hunting community was not thru some fancy marketing effort in video and magazine ads.  It was by three different states Wildlife Law Enforcement agencies.  All states have specific game laws on broadheads which define what is legal and not legal for use on big game animals. Specifically citing dimensions of broad heads.  Historical trend has been to only tighten or further restrict these dimensions mandating even some current popular styles still illegal in many states.  Consider that The Guillotine was reviewed by these states where we were considered illegal due to these dimensional restrictions.  After an extensive unbiased design and performance review, the game laws were changed such that The Guillotine can now be used in those states due to its accurate and lethal effectiveness.  This is not only a historical “First” in the evolution of broadheads, but speaks clearly of our efforts to put in the hands of our customers the best possible tool to do the job it was engineered to do.  We remain the only broadhead manufacturing company to have ever accomplished this significant milestone in the history of our sport. 

  We continue to seek answers to the most difficult questions and will be sharing our continuously improved inventions to those who enjoy the pursuit of our natural and renewable resources.  Good luck, shoot straight and leave the woods and waters cleaner than when you arrived. 

Matthew Futtere