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Results From the field

Wanted to share a couple of pics of a Texas Dall I harvested at Thompson Temple's Ranch on Friday May 30, 2008. I had been using the Aluminum shaft version of the ATOM in the past and had problems with the shaft breaking off when the arrow/broad head hit a rock after pass thru of an animal. But, after a hunt with Terry Hartcraft in April for hogs, I switched to the Titanium version.

I shot the ram with a 100 grain Titanium broad  head at 20 yards, with a completed pass thru and no damage to the broad head after it skipped across the rocks. He ran about 10 yards and pilled up.


Tim Morris
Ft Hood, Texas


 I shot this mule deer with my HOYT bow at 60 yards. I got a complete pass through with the atom broad head. Thanks Matt for
making the best broadhead out there.

Dallas Hemeyer

 All three deer went down in less than 100 yards with two of them less than thirty. I have killed two deer and my brother has killed two deer. We each used the same broadhead for both kills. All four were complete pass troughs' from 20 to 30 yards and it was over in less than a minute for all four. The third picture of the doe show how good of blood trail they make. This is the entry hole and the deer ran 20 yards. Definitely the best broadhead I have ever shot.

Brady Bull

Cody and Dan each shot a hog with the Atom™ broadheads....No damage to the broadheads, both ready to use again...thirty yard shots, both pass thru completely...dead quick! 



 This is Chris Vaughn in the photo who shot TWO hogs..... this one and one BIGGER with the SAME atom broadhead, same razor wires..  This one weighed 275 pounds, hit broadside, passed completely thru BOTH shoulder plates!  Hog went less than 25 yards and piled up stone dead!   Second hog, no picture but it was bigger and is at the taxidermists...went about three yards and keeled over dead!  

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